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Federico Giordano

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Job experiences

From November 2013 to present day: Terna S.p.A. (Rome) – Dispatching and Facility Operations


Day ahead Operational Planning Control Center


Head in shift (24/365) at Operationa planning department, Terna S.p.A. (Rome):

Responsible in shift for D-1 electric system operational planning, with particular reference to:

ü Ancillary services market management for supplying dispatching resources through the 3 Terna’s market sessions.

ü Italian consumption forecast

ü Auctions management for capacity assignation on the northern Italian interconnection

ü Construction and analysis of ENTSO DACF grid models for the day ahead N-1 security assessment.

From December 2011 to November 2013: Terna S.p.A. (Rome) – Dispatching and Facility Operations


Real time National Control Center


Control Technincal Assistant Engineer in shift (24/365) at National Italian Electricity Control Room, Terna S.p.A. (Rome):

Real time high voltage transmission grid operation. Power flow control on the Italian National High Voltage Transmission System and on the interconnections with the other neighboring TSOs.

Main tasks:

ü Real time operation in control of physical flows over the tie-lines interconnecting Italy with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

ü Real time balancing of physical flows, through PSTs management, generation redispatching or, if necessary, by changing the scheduled commercial power exchange with neighboring TSOs.

ü Construction and analysis of grid models for N-1 security assessment.

From December 2008 to November 2011: Terna S.p.A. (Rome) – Dispatching and Facility Operations


Planning and Energy Operation


Main tasks:

ü N-1 security assessment for maintenance scheduling of 400 kV grid elements (transmission lines, transformers, bays, busbars, etc.)

ü Cost calculations of ancillary services to be supplied in the Day-Ahead Ancillary Services Market, due to the maintenance activities.

ü Load-Flow calculations for the yearly definition of maximum power exchange between each couple of Italian Market Zones.

ü Calculation of power plants production constraints and maximum power exchange among market zones in the presence of scheduled maintenance activities.

ü Research and Development: Modeling of decision making support tools for the asset management optimization in the Italian transmission system (Cigrè 2012).

ü Development of Excel/VBA analysis and synthesis tools (e.g. forecast calculation of Day-Ahead Ancillary Services Market costs due to maintenances)

From September 2005 to December 2008: Terna S.p.A. (Rome) – Dispatching and Facility Operations




Back office activities with specific reference to:

ü Authority Rules analysis and their influence on Terna’s regulated activities.

ü National load consumption analysis to tackle possible distribution companies measurement mistakes. Bidding of main Terna’s net margin incomes on the basis of load consumption data.


April 2004: Master degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Catania

Thesis title: “An Ancillary Services Market for optimal reactive power supply.” The study deals with reactive power dispatching through an ORPF algorithm designed for Electrical System costs minimization and optimal bus voltage control.

Spoken languages

Good English, official spoken language for communications (mainly via phone) among Terna’s National Control Center and the neighboring TSOs (RTE, Swissgrid, APG, ELES, HTSO).


Mother tongue Italian.

IT knowledge

Microsoft Office: expert user of the advanced standard analysis Excel tools (charts, pivot tables, searching functions, etc.), development of custom functions, VBA tools.


Other standard software: AutoCAD, Matlab, SQL for Oracle.

Teaching experience and publications

Coreso Staff Training Sessions in Terna: teacher for new people coming to Coreso ( from European TSOs or from National Grid, starting their job experience. Aim of the training is to inform about the main guidelines adopted by Terna in real time operation of the High Voltage transmission grid.


Cigrè 2012: “Modelling of decision making support tools for the asset management optimization in the Italian transmission system”Temistocle Baffa Scirocco, Federico Giordano, Mauro Caprabianca, Federico Quaglia, Guido Guida, Carlo SabelliTerna, Italy